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Deck Restoration Brisbane

The deck is one of the most important parts of your home. It's a surface where you can enjoy time with friends and family, and it also provides an entryway to your house. A clean, well-maintained deck will last for years!

Before you take the extreme step of demolishing your old deck and rebuilding it.

Have you looked into restoring your deck?

Your deck may look like it is in dire need of repair or restoration, but expert deck maintenance could be all that is actually required.

Hopefully, we can answer most of your questions and give you some options or advice that you may not have considered

Local Deck Builders can restore your timber deck to what it looked like years ago.

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The Need For Regular Deck Maintenance

Your deck should be a warm and inviting link between the house and the outside of your yard.

An entertaining deck should add to the beauty of your home, not detract from it.

It should be an outdoor area that people want to hang out on, for your family's outdoor activities.

A deck is usually a high-traffic area and it is outside open to all the weather conditions.

This leads to wear and tear, especially if it is constantly exposed to direct sunlight.

After a few years, your deck can become uninviting, with dull looking timber and uneven surfaces without proper maintenance.

This can impact on how much time you spend with outdoor entertaining, socialising.

After all, a beautiful timber deck is as iconic as the Australian BBQ.

It brings people together and many memories we cherish are good times with friends and family.

It is essential to schedule deck maintenance at least every 12 months to maximise your enjoyment of this part of your home and avoid doing much more extensive deck restoration work after the damage is done.

Why Wood Deck Restoration Is Important

Fortunately, most deck surface problems are superficial and not structural.

On a deck that is not maintained, you may notice damaged or warped decking boards. Nails that are loose or raised, severe fading and discolouration.

However, since most decking boards are constructed from durable timbers, these problems can usually be avoided with regular maintenance or fixed without significant rebuilding.

You can read our Deck Maintenance Guidelines here

Decking Timber Is Durable

Decking timbers are generally made of hardwood or treated pine.

There's a reason these timbers are used regularly, and they offer you more benefits than just longer life.

To read more about what timbers to select - You can read our timber guide here.

Hardwood timbers offer some protection even before they are professionally installed and treated. and they provide natural resistance to termites and rot while treated pine is treated with preservatives to protect it from insects and decay.

Restoring a wooden deck not only extends the life of your deck for many years but is also much cheaper than replacing the deck entirely.

This is true regardless of the current condition of your wood! The restoration process to restore wooden surfaces rejuvenates and revitalises them, restoring them to their former glory.

This also saves you time in maintaining the decking of your home as the years go by.

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