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Pool decking ideas in Brisbane 

A deck around a pool is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides a place to relax poolside. 

In the past, pavers and concrete around a pool were far more common, but people have moved on to more modern timber decks or even composite decking options.

There are important things to consider when choosing a pool decking material. Some are slippery, some wear out quickly, and some look fabulous.

That’s why choosing and implementing suitable material is so important! Perhaps your choice also depends on how much the deck costs. Here are your options:

Pool decking materials option

Timber decking

Timber decking boards are a popular choice because these wooden boards look great around a pool. Plus, wood feels softer and smoother underfoot than hard, rough concrete.

deck builder Brisbane

Choose timber boards wisely

The wood used for pool decking must be able to withstand all weather conditions and not get wet too often. 

Mottled eucalyptus and Merbau are common woods for pool decking. This is due to their rot-resistant properties. However, some other timbers rot extremely quickly if they often get wet.
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Avoid pine decking boards

Many decks are built from pine, but it is not suitable for pool decking. Pine is softwood, and it won’t last long near a pool because it will rot.

Finishing touch

There are two different options for finishing timber – water-based or oil-based. Choose the best option for your situation and the look you prefer.

Water-based finishes dry quickly and clean up easily, while oil-based finishes offer a more traditional look with more extended durability.

If you already have a deck, stick with the last coating type you used – switching between oil- and water-based coatings mean you’ll need to completely strip the existing surface down to the bare wood before recoating.
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Fade to grey 

Many people let their timber decking fade to grey naturally, although all wood needs some maintenance to keep it from splitting or rotting.

If you choose a timber deck, you will need to stain the wood every year or two to keep it looking its best.

deck builder Brisbane

Composite decking

A newer option for pool decking is composite decking. These durable decking materials can last 20 or 30 years around your pool. 

This material is meant to mimic the look and feel of wood but is made from a combination of plastic and wood.

Composite decking boards benefits

Less slippery – The advantage of composite decking is that it is far less slippery than wood when wet. 

Resistant to rot and splinters

No need to worry about splinters if you walk on them with bare feet. Composite decking boards also don’t need to be stained and will look good longer than wood.

Easy to maintain

Composite decking boards are very easy to maintain and do not require regular maintenance other than a quick cleaning and scrubbing. Unlike wood, you don’t need to sand, polish, stain or oil your composite decking.

Safer underfoot 

Another unintended hazard that can occur poolside is splinters and cuts from uneven, unstable or weathered surfaces. Unlike traditional wood decking, composite decking around the pool provides many years of a smooth, clean surface with little to no maintenance.

Composite decking cons

The only disadvantage of composite decking is that it is less stable than timber. However, this is easily compensated for by providing better support for the deck and placing the joists closer together during construction.
REad more about the pros and cons of composite decks here

Compressed fibre cement

As an attractive alternative to traditional wood decking, many people now use compressed fibre cement for their pool decks. It’s great because it doesn’t shrink, expand or stain. 

It’s durable and available in many colours and textures that look like real wood. 

Multiple materials

It’s not everything or nothing when it comes to pool deck materials. You can opt for a mix of materials to suit your needs and desired aesthetic. For example, many people install brick or pavers right around the pool because they are not as slippery when you get out. Right next to it, you can lay a wooden deck. This way, the wood won’t get as wet, so it won’t expand or become too slippery from the water.

deck builder brisbane

The five best tips if you want to build a timber deck

Want to build a wooden/timber deck around your pool? Here are useful top five tips for creating a pool deck:

1. Choose the timber for your deck carefully

Pool decks are regularly splashed with chemical-laden water and are often exposed to the blazing summer sun and harsh winter weather. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a wood that can withstand these extreme conditions. So explore what is the best wood for a pool deck in Brisbane? See our guide here

2. Choose fasteners that will stand the test of time

Choose high-quality screws and fasteners that are corrosion-free, rust-proof, and can withstand the harsh conditions in your pool area. There is a wide range of stainless steel and galvanized steel fasteners that are ideal for pool decks.

3. Think drainage and ventilation

Make sure water can quickly drain away from the pool area to keep your deck looking finest. Try to create a gentle slope away from the edge of the pool, make sure your deck is adequately ventilated (we recommend at least 300mm of ground clearance) and install your decking boards with 5mm of space between them to encourage air circulation.

4. How will you meet the fencing requirements?

It’s important to think about how you’re going to comply with your pool fencing regulations. Will the fencing need to be attached to the deck in any way? Consider whether you need to reinforce the deck to support the weight of the fencing or if you need to arrange the boards so that the fencing can be attached. A little planning now can save a lot of time later.

5. Apply a high-quality sealer

After your deck is finished, apply a high-quality sealer or oil to protect your deck from the damaging effects of salt or chlorinated water and to keep it safe from the hot summer sun. 

Do I need a building permit for a pool deck in Brisbane?

A building permit is usually required to build a deck. If you are having a pool built at the same time, you will need to apply for a permit anyway, but it is worth considering if you are adding a deck to an existing pool. This can delay the process of building by up to 4 weeks while you wait for the permit.

Factors such as distance from neighbouring property, trees, and other buildings can affect the time to get a building permit.
This is a great article about council permits for a deck

Professional Local Deck Builders Brisbane

If you want help choosing the most appropriate decking material for your outdoor space or other landscaping projects, contact Local Deck Builders

At Local Deck Builders, we can provide you with the right pool deck idea that will be the envy of your entire neighbourhood!

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