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Timber Decks By Brisbane Deck Builders

So you've decided to build a timber deck.

A timber deck that is well designed with the right timber and well maintained will last up to 25 years.

So how do you get started with building a timber deck?

Using a professional decking company like Local Deck Builders - Will ensure that you have deck that meets council approvals, is well designed for your yard and has the best material selection - either timber or a composite board.

Appearance Of The Timber

When choosing a type of wood, factors you should consider include appearance, patio location, ongoing maintenance requirements, budget, and availability.

Wood is often chosen for its natural beauty and good looks.

Timber decks not only look great, they also smell and feel great too!

Different timbers have different wood grains and these can be the main feature of the deck.

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Ongoing Deck Maintenance

Choosing a wood that can withstand the weather conditions it will be exposed to is crucial.

A high level of exposure to rain, sun and even wind requires a hardy wood species.

When choosing a wood species, consider the colour you want for your decking.The natural hue of the wood can be accentuated by using an oil or a stain.If you choose a colour tone that matches the natural colour of the wood, the knots and grains will show through.

You can read our article about what timber to select here

Regardless of which material you choose, your decking will need some deck maintenance to ensure that it looks stays looking great.

Please understand that different timbers will require different care and maintenance.

Regular cleaning and application of decking oil will help you with this.

This Deck Care Guide will help you to understand what kind of ongoing work you are looking at.

For extreme weather conditions, choose to seek advice as to what timber will be best suited and what timber maintenance it will require.

A timber deck may not be suitable and you may want to consider a composite deck instead

Your Deck Budget And Material Availability

Decking timbers can vary hugely in price, from more expensive hardwoods to cheaper treated Pine. If you are working with a limited budget, you should plan for the area to be covered and consider the characteristics you need for the purpose of your deck.

Widely available timbers tend to be cheaper and easier to source, especially if you are on a tight time frame.

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